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5 months ago
What a waste, the other girl needed to learn a lesson as well. Hard to sit there looking judgemental if your face is full of cock
Li’l Ms. Can’t Be Wrong 4 months ago
The friend needed to join in. The daughter should’ve been directed to punish her, the father should’ve punished them both at the same time or the friend should’ve been so turned on that she began masturbating. She could’ve been incorporated into the story in so many better ways than just sitting there -_-
Queen wet wet 1 year ago
Eat that pussy
5 months ago
*sees step daughter posing* you fuckin smoking down here?
Anonymous 1 month ago
I had to watch my friend get fucked by her step dad. He made me tongue fuck her pussy as he helped himself inside. I have never seen something so beautiful. She tasted so fucking good as she took that dick. He kept explaining to me that she was a bad girl and needed him to help her stay on track. I could care less honestly I just wanted to kiss that freshly fucked pussy. She made him repeatedly milk her fertile pussy. She kept taking one load after the other I lost track past 7 fucking Creampies
5 months ago
So boring when they just watch
Sin 1 year ago
4 months ago
the lamest attempt at faking an orgasm. The most bored sounding 'im cumming' lol.
Bad teen 1 month ago
My step daddy had to do something very similar to me. He caught me humping my friends face leaving him no choice but to punish me. He bent me over his lap spanking my virgin holes. He kept degrading me as he made her watch me take his cock. He explained to me how I was a dirty slut for enjoying his loving. I kept feeling him creampie my pussy he’d pull out making her kiss it. Everytime we hung out after that she had to kiss my kitten as I took my daddy’s milk. He beat us like rag dolls grunting
3 months ago
Nice look into the slut’s holes 6:54